As you may have noticed during the course of your research one key component of a research paper is the abstract.  Often the abstract is something that scholars put together before they start work on their research to help them focus their ideas.  Then as the paper develops they come to refine the abstract to ensure that it reflects what was actually done within the paper. A good abstract sets the stage for the research topic, explains the method in use, notes the findings, and mentions important implications of the study.  They are typically 150-200 words in length and allow researchers to quickly see what a paper is about prior to reading the work in its entirety. Please post an abstract that accurately reflects your study up to this point.  If you need some examples of abstracts to help you get started take a look at some of the abstracts found within the peer-reviewed journals you referenced within your own proposal.In thinking about your research, how are you planning to assess your data?  How might you code your data? Finally, what additional insight did this week’s material help provide that we haven’t covered yet?  Your posts this week should demonstrate critical reflection upon the assigned readings.

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