See attached

True or False (18 points)

If a statement is false, cross out the part that makes it incorrect and write in the correct information.

_____ 1.  All technology tools should only be used at specific grade levels.

_____2.  The education world has agreed on what constitutes a basic setup for teachers.

_____  3.  An MP3 player can be used as a digital audio recorder.

_____ 4.  Classroom integration of technology requires a different level of thinking from personal tech use.

_____ 5.  Students do not need to learn any technical skills before taking photos – just point and click.

_____ 6.  Schools of today have more use for downloadable software than in the past.

_____ 7.  Whole class work should be the teacher’s only approach to instruction.

_____ 8.  Teachers can use interactive websites to complement student learning process.

_____ 9.  One of the most affordable technologies available to schools is mini laptops.

_____ 10.  Interactive websites for students can play significant roles in building students’ knowledge &


_____ 11.  Students can gain skills covered by the NET-S standards with teachers not using digital tools

                        with students.

Short Response (Using complete sentences.) –  According to our text.  (10 points)

12.  What 3 items does our text recommend as a basic technology setup for the classroom?

13.  For some teachers, what is the easiest entry to using technology in the classroom?

Matching   (10 points)

_____ 14.  visual learning tool                                   A.  digital equipment

_____ 15.  Behaviorism theory                                  B.  tape recorder

_____ 16.  COPPA                                               C.   International Society for Technology in Education                     

_____ 17.  SD Cards                                            D.  teachers hold the knowledge

_____ 18.  digital audio recorder                            E.   interactive media, systems or devices

_____ 19.  Constructivism Theory                             F.  video camera

_____ 20. ISTE                                                          G.   students learn through active participation

_____ 21.  instructional tools                         H.  secure digital card

_____ 22.   interactives                                            I.    shows process of how learning unfolds

_____ 23.  documentation panel                            J.  Children’s Online Privacy & Protection Act

24.  Give an activity that you could have students do to support each of the NETS-S standards. (12 points)

25.  Our text lists 8 types of integration approaches.  List each of the 8 approaches.  Give an advantage, disadvantage and an example of each of the approaches.  (32 points)

26.  Make a Venn Diagram or chart below to show the differences and similarities between the Behaviorism and Constructivism Theories.  There needs to be 3 points in each.  (9 points)

27.  Describe some characteristics of what the classroom of a blended theorist teacher would look like.

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