Simple Proofreading and Writing

I need an econ major to look at my paper (900words), proofread, rewrite if possible and add onto it 400 words on factors below not tackled by the paper. This includes the following considerations:

a)  The quality of economic analysis is the most important part of this assignment.  I want you to consider all sides of the issue, and think about as many possible factors as you can which may influence the situation, and especially those which may have been ignored or understated in previous analyses. (Is something happening to shift supply or demand?  Is the market in equilibrium?  Is there a shortage or a surplus of something? Is elasticity a particular concern in this issue? Do we have a public goods problem?  Is there a policy that is creating dead weight loss?  Is there an externality present in the market that is being overlooked? Etc…if you’re having trouble with these things, come talk with me and we can try to figure out what’s going on with the econ)

b)  The quality of the writing is also important and will factor into my evaluation.  The paper should be well integrated and coherent, and will also be evaluated for grammar, style, and spelling.  When you leave UW-Stout and enter the work force, you will be expected to provide reports, etc. which are well put together and edited, and its best to start getting in the habit now.  This is not a text message to a friend and so it should appear professional.  

PS: You should provide full bibliographic citations for any sources drawn from in the paper and oce you add.

Brief explanation on the graphs. I WILL PROVIDE THE PAPER TO WHOEVER IS CHOSEN.

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