soci 411 criminology

Address the issue of mass shootings in America. You will write a 3 page or more (double-spaced) typed paper, 12 point font, 1-inch margins paper on the crime of mass shootings. Include a title page (does not count towards 3 pages) with the name of the assignment, date and your name. You will explain the crime of mass shootings and then include the following:

  • Introduce the problem of mass shootings.
  • Highlight at least 3 or more examples of mass shootings.
  • Apply and discuss Rational Choice Theory and Trait Theory to explain mass shootings.
  • Does anything from the Victimology section apply? Apply and explain at least 1 item from the victimology section.
  • Discuss what you think the solution to this nationwide problem is? (Prevention strategies, etc.)
  • Your paper should include an introduction, the body of the paper and a conclusion.
  • Cite sources from the textbook and other scholarly sources as well (peer reviewed journals and articles)

Textbook to cite from is “Criminology: The Core” (7th Edition) by Larry J. Siegel.

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