social work

See attachment for requirement. The following are some additional requirement.

Your Part I Review Paper grades have been posted.  It is very important that you follow instructions for all your assignments.  Some of you did not cite readings from the curriculum, as instructed, in your Part 1 Review Paper.  In lieu of the curriculum readings, some of you extensively cited outside sources.  Your knowledge of the development literature outside of the readings in the syllabus is NOT a judgement criterion when I grade your paper.  I have instructed the class to base their assignments on curriculum texts in order to enforce reading and to better ensure that students write their own essays and papers instead of procuring them.  

To be clear, you should address ALL the three points below in your Part 2 Review paper. If you do not do so, you will risk getting an F for the Part 2 Review Paper for not following instructions.  In short, follow the instructions.

1) How have IFIs policies and neoliberal economic coordination negatively impacted poor and working-class women in the Global South?  April Ane Knutson’s “Haitian Women in the New World Order”’ and Hester Eisenstein’s “In the Global South ‘Women’ Replace Development” touch on this matter.  

2) How have liberal programs of amelioration failed and/or succeeded in addressing poverty and destitution in the Global South?  James Petras’ “NGOs: In the Service of Imperialism”, Mike Davis’ “Illusions of Self-Help”, Hester Eisenstein’s “In the Global South ‘Women’ Replace Development”, and Ananya Roy’s “Small Worlds: The Democratization of Capital and Development” touch on this matter.

3) Argue if you agree or disagree whether the Washington Consensus and IFIs are primarily responsible for poverty in the Global South and if the amelioration measures mentioned in the readings of part 2 are adequate.  You are welcome to use outside sources.  The use of outside sources is optional.

The use of outside sources is appropriate for the third point because if you critique the curriculum readings, it would be useful to marshal in other texts to corroborate your position.  To be clear, outside sources are NOT substitutes for texts in the curriculum.  Again, if you do not base your Part 2 Review Paper on texts in the curriculum, you risk getting an F for the assignment and since this assignment is 40% of your grade, you will naturally risk failing the course.

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