Sociological Meanings of Basic Concepts

Ethnic, Racial and Nationalist Conflicts

The problem of inter-ethnic conflicts and nationalism.

This is the writing assignment that you are expected to do for this learning unit. You will write a 500 words message addressing these questions:

After viewing the movies “Zionism and the occupation of Palestine”, “Peace in Palestine,” reading the assigned materials and visiting the website “Israeli – Palestinian” you need to address the following questions in a short essay (500 words OR MORE).

What did you learn from the materials that you examined about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?” What would be the practical solution for this conflict (according to the information that you have found)? Do you think a Palestinian state and an Israeli state can coexist next to each other? Should Jerusalem remains under Israel’s sovereignty of should the Palestinians regain control of East Jerusalem? Whatever you views are, I want to see that your ideas are based on evidence and not just on “personal views”. 

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