Sociology 1010, Ashley Claire Only.


What are your positions along the political spectrum with regard to economic and social issues? What are some of the sociological factors which explain your style of political thinking?

300 word count

2. 2 page APA, word format

This week you will cover the economy, work, politics, government, education, health, medicine and religion. Using the sociological paradigm/theory you have selected specifically address the following:

1. Describe your economic system. How is money generated? What role does the economy play in your society?

2. Describe your political system. How many political parties are there? How do these parties tie into the society? Of these is one more powerful than the other? If so how?

3. Describe your educational system. How are people educated? What subjects are required? What skills does your society emphasize?

4. Describe your religious system. Is there religion? If so, how many different kinds are there? What role does religion play. Is religious belief required of everyone?

5. Describe the healthcare system. Who has access? How is access gained or denied?

This assignment should be in APA format and include references and citations as warranted and should be no less than 1 1/2 – 2 pages

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