Recent data on college student shows that it takes the average student four (4)  years to transfer to a university and only 41% of  students reach this goal. Please think about the things that might get in the way of students not being successful in their classes or not completing transfer requirements. Then choose one (1) of the three research methods in your textbook (Surveys, Ethnographic Interviews, or Participant Observation) and answer the questions.

To earn full points on this assignment, you’ll need to:

Answer all questions in complete sentences.

Demonstrate an outstanding knowledge of the material, using specific examples to make your points.

Have fewer than five (5) spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

Have a minimum of four sentences per paragraph.

1. You are a researcher being hired at college to find out why students are taking so long to transfer or not being successful at all. Discuss why you chose the research method and who you would study specifically. (Write at least one paragraph.)

2. If you chose Surveys or Interviews, then please create at least 5 questions that would be asked of the students in your research to get to the answer. If you chose Participant Observation, explain (in at least one paragraph) where you would do this research and why.

3. What might be some challenges that you would encounter in getting this information from students? (Write at least one paragraph.)

4. Discuss at least 3 reasons you would expect to get from students after you are done with this research. (Write at least one paragraph.)

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