sociology group work

Topic: Come up with a research question or topic to sociologically analyze. Use the guidelines below to apply the sociological perspective to your question or topic: What are the causes and/or consequences of poverty?

Guideline Questions:

What is your research question? Why did you choose this question?


What sociological terms, concepts or theories can you use to better understand your question (use at least 2 from course materials)? Based on your sociological analysis, come up with a hypothesis. What do you think you will find?

Alyssa & Henoke

Find at least two examples of sociological research that address your question:

In general, how did the researchers investigate the question?

What did they find?

What are the implications of their findings?

Sharon & Bruno

Revisit your hypothesis and compare it with your findings.


How does sociology help us better understand the social world we live in?


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