sociology of religion

All papers should have standard 1-inch margins with a professional-looking typeface of 12-point type or smaller and contain at least the required number of pages. Double-spacing is highly recommended

In a reflective essay of 3-5 pages, drawing from the syllabus as well as the course readings to date, please answer the following questions (the last three in depth, please): J

  • Please introduce yourself—your name, major, hometown, interests, your goal in this course, and anything else you think I should know about you to help you succeed in this class.
  • Please answer these fill-in-the blank questions from this syllabus (there are several words missing from each sentence) and copy-and-paste the complete sentences in your assignment: A 3-5 page paper means I require at least ____________ with standard 1-inch margins (see format section), Late assignments are only given _________ following the due date (Late Work), Wikipedia will not be ______ for purposes of this class (General Notes for Assignments), and Papers must also meet the_____ requirements to be eligible for full points (Grading Information).
  • How would you define the sociology of religion, and how should we approach religious belief as religious studies/sociology scholars?
  • Why is it important to study religion scientifically?
  • What is the Rational Choice Theory? Do you believe it fully explains why believers choose a given religion, or are there other considerations as well?

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