Sociology Reading Journal

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ASA format. 12 point font double spaced. 1 page for each reading minimum.

2 total readings. 2 pages. 2 separate quotes. Each reading on separate page.

Reading theory is challenging, to say the least. It often requires multiple readings, “googling” terms you do not understand, and a general tenacity that can be difficult to muster. Journaling will help with this.


  1. Read the requiring readings. (Webber – The Spirit of Communism, Marx and Engles – The Communist Manifesto)
  2. After you have read the piece, identify with a quote that you believe best summarizes the main argument, or one of the main arguments, of each piece.
  3. Title your journal entry with the author and title of the reading.
  4. Type the quote you chose at the top.
  5. Explain why you think this quote best summarizes the argument. This means you will write—in your own words— a paragraph or two on how you understand the piece and how the quote reflects that understanding.

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