solving study guide of biology body defenses

Body Defenses

Fill in the blanks in charts or sentences, and answer the questions as.

1. Define immunity:

2. What is the first line of defense against foreign invaders?

3. What is the key role of the immune system?

4. What is virulence?

5. How does a virus cause disease?

6. List the five types of leukocytes and give their function:








7. What are lymphoid tissues (give examples)?

8. What is the function of the spleen?

9. What are the two types of immune responses?

10. Fill in the table regarding the different types of immune responses:

11. What is a toll-like receptor (TLRs) and what do they recognize?

12. What happens when a TLR is activated?

13. How does the adaptive immune system handle a returning threat?

14. Name and describe the innate defenses:{four)

15. Define inflammation:

16. What is the goal of inflammation?

17. What are the steps in producing inflammation.(five).

18. Fill in the figure regarding the manifestations and outcomes of inflammation:

19. Define cytokines:

20. What is interferon and what is its function?

21. Fill in the image on the mechanism of action of interferon in preventing viral replication:

22. What is the difference between T-independent antigens and T – dependent antigens?

23. What are the sub classes of antibodies and what are their biologic functions.{ five}

24. What is clonal selection theory?

25. What are the differences between primary and secondary immunity?

26. What are the three types of T cells and what are their functions?

27. What is an antigen presenting cell?

28. Fill in the image on the generation of an antigen presenting cell:

29. What are the three categories of inappropriate adaptive immune attacks?

30. Define the four resident cell types in the skin and discuss their function:

31. What is the mucous elevator and why is it important?

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