Spike Lee (paper edit)

Need help with my Film question – I’m studying for my class.

**Original instructions**

Write a 1500-2100 word (~6-8pgs) essay utilizing two critical texts from class (at least one of which must come from our post-Midterm readings) and a popular culture “text”—a movie, TV show, news event, etc.—of your choosing. Your essay should make an argument analyzing the popular text through the conceptual and historical terms provided by the critical texts from class. The essay must include a close engagement with at least one aspect of the popular text, such as specific scene, image, or feature of the text (e.g. the use of vernacular language). Outside research is allowed, though not required; THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. Instead, your paper should focus on making a thesis driven argument based on what we have learned in class and the specific details of the chosen texts.

Rewatch DO THE RIGHT THING (Movie)specifically with your paper in mind, paying close attention to how different characters represent, both in terms of their narrative actions–i.e. the things they say and do–and how Lee visualizes them–i.e. how they look on screen, different notions of “right.” Also keep in mind that you need to refer to at least one other film that was not a required screening from class. ((** which is the movie “Got Game” **))


Attached is the paper that I have already written. I need the edits/feedback that my professor gave me applied to my essay and corrected.

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