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Students will be assigned a major disaster and prepare a written analysis (4-6 pages in length) including bibliography. Using library and internet sources, the analyses should assess the state of knowledge about the disaster and provide an analysis that includes: a) a brief (1-2 page) description of the disaster 7 and the emergency management effort; b) the nature and location of the disaster (i.e., natural or technological/manmade); c) the number of human casualties and amount of property loss. d) social and economic demographics and vulnerabilities of the area e) the government(s) having jurisdictional responsibility and involved in the disaster response and recovery effort; f) the involvement of nonprofit and for-profit actors in the response and recovery effort; g) the major planning and policy issues raised—e.g., lack of mitigation effort, inadequacy of preparedness, response failure, recovery problems; and h) the disaster planning the community had undertaken prior to the incident. This will follow a similar structure/style presented in the required course case study textbook.

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