Max Weber defined bureaucracy by six characteristics. Evaluate the bureaucratic environment in Flint from the point of view of Weber.Discuss the following:Hierarchy of CommandRules and Regulation of managementDivision of labor and work specialization by departmentThe nature of impersonal relationships in the various agencies.The competence of the employees enrolled in the case.Comment on the formal rules, regulations, procedures, and decisions by the various organizations and agencies.Discuss Theory X and Theory Y with respect to Flint, Michigan.Which of the two theories is more plausible and why given the information.Is Flint, Michigan a “Wicked Problem” according to Rittel & Webber?What safeguards would you propose to prevent or minimize the inefficiencies or failures of bureaucracy? (Note: you may use the definitions of Woodrow Wilson, Max Weber or any other major theorist of Public Administration.) 

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