stress management 24

Reflection #1 De-Stress Journal

Step 1: Review the Journal Writing Power Point under week 1

Step 2: Download the Daily Stress Log and complete it for one week.

Daily Stress Log .jpg

Step 3: Review your Stress Log and you reactions.

  • Zero in on one or two reactions that you feel are especially harmful to your mental health or physical health and that you want to change.
  • Records your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensation: Did you feel angry and others? Helpless? Resigned to the situation? Did you feel tightness, pain, or tension in your body? If so, where? Records the steps you took to address the stress: Did you light a cigarette? Have a drink? Go outside? Call a friend? Slam doors?

Assignment instructions/Expectations

  • 12 font
  • Times Roman
  • 1 page minimum
  • Also attach Daily Stress Log

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