Synthesize Insights & Generate Ideas

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IMPORTANT: Follow the order of the numbers when completing this worksheet —

  1. Start on the top w/ the type of user and situation you are focused on — you can only do this assignment well if you are focused on a specific type of person in a specific situation trying to get a specific type of JTBD completed.
  2. From here go to the right side of the worksheet so you can talk about the Jobs-to-be-Done, Pains, and Gains (these create the User / Customer Profile — remember the right side of the canvas is describing a users needs and should NOT include any details about your ideas for solutions).
  3. Finally, you will go to the left side and brainstorm dozens of RADICAL ideas for product or services that could be used to solve the problem / opportunity described in the customer / user profile on the right side of the VPC. Note: all of your brainstormed ideas should be related to the same user / customer profile. Also, as a reminder, we are looking for NEW TO THE WORLD ideas that do not exist anywhere already.

I created this guide to help with completing the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC). In this case you are just doing the right side of the canvas (and using that to brainstorm ideas for solutions on the left side of this worksheet). You need to complete the whole worksheet / HW template but the worksheet just includes the right side of the VPC and a brainstorming space on the left. Next week you will be doing the full VPC so it is important to understand the whole VPC.

Here is the template for this homework.

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