team project kickoff meeting

The kickoff meeting is a team presentation that will allow you to present your completed Project Management Plan your stakeholders excited about your project venture that is kicking off today. Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation are required.

Word Document of all items turned in- Handouts ( agenda) and a PowerPoint presentation are required:

Handout- Agenda- Antionette to complete

Power Point Presentation – Antionette to attach a blank power point

slide 1- Project Manager- Agenda and Project Overview- Antionette

slide 2- Vp of Sales overview slide- Sudip

slide 3- Planning Manager overview – Amy

slide 3- Finance Team/CFO- OPEN

slide 4- CEO- conclusion of accomplishments- OPEN

(Note: This task requires the team to complete a PowerPoint, you only need to complete the slide 3 – Finance Team/CFO – OPEN and slide 4 – the CEO – conclusion of accomplishments – OPEN)

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