Tech Topic General Audience Journal Article essay

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PSIS 2102 Short Journal Article Assignment To review and reinforce the academic writing skills you developed in PSIS 2101, we will begin by writing a short version of the tech topic for a general audience piece based on the mentor text you examined in class. Requirements
 Pick a topic in your field, other than the one from 2101.  Find at least five reliable sources  Select at least 3 relevant quotes from these sources  Strong opening hook to draw the reader in  Essay explores topic in enough detail to provide the reader with a strong sense of the overall scope of the topic  Direct quotes and citations from at least two sources (correctly introduced, punctuated, formatted, cited)  References Page  APA Format (cover page, header, margins, fonts, spacing). Use Purdue OWL site as a reference

RUBRIC Your Score Length (3-4 pages/750-1000 words)

At least five reliable sources References page Strong opening

Topic exploration detailed

Writing clear and effective

Accurately summarize and cite at least two ideas from other people

Direct quotes and citations (correctly introduced, punctuated, formatted, cited)

APA Format (cover page, header, margins, fonts, spacing)

Quality of writing/editing/proofreading

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