technic writing career documents project

Follow with the job posting write a cover letter and a Follow up thank you e-mail

Part II: Cover Letter

Cover letter should be in business letter format. Set an appropriate tone with your introduction and state your qualifications as they relate to the job for which you are applying. Edit the letter so that it is no longer than one page (however, a cover letter that is too short will not receive attention either). Be specific, use action verbs, express confidence and enthusiasm without exaggerating or being arrogant, and request further contact in your conclusion.

Part IV: Follow up thank you e-mail

This e-mail should be properly formatted and addressed to whoever conducted your imaginary interview. Your e-mail should indicate your enthusiasm for the position, refer back to some aspect of the (imagined) interview, and reinforce a positive impression of your qualifications. End with your contact information. Again, use your readings for this Module to guide you.

Remember that grammatical and typographical errors are a quick way to have your resume discarded. All communication when job searching should be PERFECT!

Format your resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter as you would for use in the business world. APA format is not required; therefore, a title page is also not required.

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