Technical Writing week 4

  1. In our textbook, read “Chapter 4: Achieving a Readable Style” on pages 57 – 84.

  2. In the Course Documents section of Bb, review the presentation titled “How to Write Clearly and Concisely,” and read the article “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence.”

  3. Do Exercises 1 (i-x), 2, and 3, on pages 74 -77. Figure 4-6 referred to in Exercise 3 is on pages 78-79.

    •   For Exercise 3, write up your suggested changes in a 300 to 500-word memo addressed to John Smith, manager of The Plaza apartment complex. In this case, you are the regional manager of the property company that operates the complex, so you are John’s boss. The changes you suggest to John must be based explicitly on principles addressed in Chapter 4 and the two items mentioned in #2 above.

    •   Review the list of criteria for effectively-written memos (and emails) included in the Week 2 assignment sheet and apply them to your memo to John Smith.

    •   Proofread and edit your work carefully.

  4. Save your responses to all the exercises in a single MS Word file using the correct file name, e.g.,


  5. Upload your file by to the Week 4 link in the Assignments & Exams page of Bb by the due date and time.


As I evaluate your assignment, I will ask myself the following questions:

  •   Have you followed the instructions in this assignment sheet, in the two assigned exercises in the textbook, and in the syllabus?

  •   Do your responses to the exercises show clear evidence that you have read and understood the assigned readings and that you studied carefully Figure 4-6?

  •   Do your responses conform to the criteria listed in the “Grades” section of the syllabus? 

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