that s a wrap gea reflections

That’s a Wrap!: #GEA Reflections

The Basics:

This final #GEA related writing assignment contains 4 questions, some with multiple parts. Answer each question thoughtfully, clearly, completely, and in good faith[1].

  • You must upload this assignment as a PDF (download and fill in the attached Word doc, then save as a PDF and upload to this assignment)
    • You may also submit this assignment as a text entry
  • Each question includes an approximate length.
    • Although your response may be longer, the length included is an approximation for how long your answer will be if you answer the question sufficiently.
    • Answers that are very short may not convey thoughtfulness and may be unclear or incomplete.
    • Answers can be complete and concise, or complete and verbose, which is why many questions include a range.
  • Each question asks you to reflect on engineering, communication, and/or ethics in some way, and are directly related to your thoughts, experiences, and observations. In this way, there are no right or wrong answers, just answers that are thoughtful, clear, complete, and offered in good faith.
  • All questions will be graded as sufficient/insufficient. Each question that appears to have been answered in good faith, thoughtfully, clearly, and completely, will earn a mark of “sufficient.” Answers that appear to have been given in bad faith (e.g., false information, unjustifiably contradicting statements, answers that convey hate, bigotry, or malice, ), that lack thoughtfulness or clarity, or that are otherwise incomplete will be marked “insufficient.”
  • Each question is listed on its own page.
  • While these questions are reflection-style questions, you are expected to write in a clear and professional manner that reflects respect and consideration for your readers. You are expected to review, revise, and edit your work before you submit it for review.

Completion and Submission

  • Download the attached document and include your answers in the text boxes provided for you.
  • Save the document using the “Save As” option in Word and:
    • add your last name to the end of the file name
    • save as a PDF file

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