The Accenture analysis

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The Accenture analysis will be comprehensive in that it will require you to integrate material from all the topic areas that we cover in this course. After outlining answers to the questions below, write a thoughtful five page (maximum) paper that summarizes your analysis, concerns and recommendations. Grading criteria include correct use of theory and evidence, logical order and consistency, usefulness to leaders and quality of presentation. The paper should be double spaced with a minimum of 1” margins. You are permitted to attach up to three additional pages of exhibits (e.g., financial analysis, customer service data, operational metrics). You are strongly encouraged to introduce additional information from outside research that brings the case up to date (this may be different from instructions from other professors).

Accenture Case Discussion Questions

  • What does it take to make money in this industry?
  • What is Accenture’s strategy?
  • What are the tasks that are critical to implementing the strategy?
  • What does it take to execute their strategy?
    • People
    • Culture
    • Systems
  • Is Accenture a success? What is the basis of your assessment?
  • What are Accenture’s sources of competitive advantage?
  • Are these sources sustainable? Imitable?
  • What does it take to execute their strategy?
    • Be sure to answer the key question in this case: Should they revise their proposal and, if so, how

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