The book of unknow american

Need help on research essay on The Book od Unknow Americans

This the instruction on the essay

  1. Write a research paper that is a minimum of 5-6 pages in length and submit it in proper APA format, including cover page, in-text citations, and reference page. For APA guidelines, go to Rasmussen College’s Online Library, which you can access through the Resources tab.
  2. IncorporateIn this project, you will read a text written by a minority writer and explore the text’s issues, events, or narrators/characters. You are encouraged to choose a work or author that is new to you. It is important that you select and begin reading your selection now to complete your project on time. a strong thesis as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph.
  3. Include quotes from the primary as well as a few secondary sources. (Primary sources are by the author, while secondary sources are critical books and essays about the author.)
  4. Assertion: Be sure to present a strong argument that ends with a solid conclusion. This means that you will repeat your thesis and add your final thoughts or end with a strong quote.
  5. Utilize the excellent resources available in the college’s Online Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab. For academic research, it is best to avoid Internet sites as well as Wikipedia. Any questions on research, consult your instructor or the online librarian. See also Notes on Quality Research in Course Materials.

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