the challenge of managing across borders

Managing international organizations can be challenging for public administrators. These organizations may have many different institutional structures and might operate in complex governance environments. This means that some care must be given to the strategic management of the organization. Part of this process is a consistent evaluation of the organization’s effectiveness at achieving its goals. To ensure that an organization operates effectively, evaluation must be part of the organization’s institutional culture. This can be difficult for networked organizations that are subject to complex inputs from other organizations, funders, and changing conditions in the areas in which they operate.

For this Assignment, review the resources from this week. Then, consider the following:

  • How good governance is defined in international organizations
  • The role that planning has in the effective management of international organizations, and whether this role is substantially different from the role of planning in purely domestic organizations
  • The ways that the Results Based Management model in international organizations overcomes the challenges of operating in multiple countries
  • The governance model and management goals of the organization you have chosen for the Final Project
  • How your organization models the concepts discussed in the course text
  • Consider the data that are published by your organization related to its activities. Then, consider how readily available these data are. Finally, consider how useful these data are for evaluating the organization.

Assignment (600–800 words)

Write a paper addressing the following points:

  1. Explain how your organization is governed.
  2. Explain the institutional framework for making and implementing decisions.
  3. Explain the procedures your organization follows in its strategic planning.
  4. Explain who is ultimately responsible for directing and implementing strategic plans.
  5. Explain how your organization follows the Results Based Management model. If it does not follow the model, explain how it can be benefitted by following the model.
  6. Explain the system your organization uses for evaluating “success” for the organization. If it does not use one, explain how it can be benefitted by using one.
  7. Explain how your organization’s mission lends itself to a results-oriented management strategy.
  8. Explain what data your organization provides that stakeholders can use to evaluate the success of the organization.

Your paper should follow the standard academic essay format and it should clearly tie the answers to the listed questions together into a single line of reasoning that discusses your organization’s methods for making and evaluating decisions.

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