The company I chose was Facebook Financial Analysis of an Organization

The company I chose was Facebook Financial Analysis of an Organization and Recommendations

For the Final Paper, select a publicly traded company. Be sure that it is large enough so it contains a lot of easily found financial information. Using the financial information you find, you will develop a report which analyzes the company’s current finances and make recommendations for the future.

An easy way to include financial information in your Final Paper is to use a financial web site, such as one of the following:

  • Yahoo Finance:
  • Google Finance:
  • Forbes:
  • Bloomberg:

You can use these websites to find a wealth of financial information on your company and their competitors by using the “Search” or “Get Quotes” feature and the stock ticker of your chosen company.

Requirements in Content, Length, and Format

The Final Paper will consist of the following:

  • Executive Summary (250 words)
  • SWOT Analysis (250 words): Use sources such as Yahoo Finance, company annual reports, and other financial sources to develop your SWOT Analysis.
  • Recommendations and Justifications (1,250 words)
  • Concluding Thoughts (250 words): Your concluding thoughts on the future of your chosen company.

The paper must be no fewer than 2,000 words and no more than 2,500 words.

The Final Paper is due on Day 7 of Week 5.

Use the Final Paper Template to organize and format your paper.

  • Final Paper Template (PDF)

Acceptable References

You must have at least three acceptable references for the information contained in your paper. The course text cannot count as one of the three references. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference. Blogs and websites that simply present unsupported opinions are not acceptable references. If you have a question on what resources are acceptable or unacceptable references, ask your Instructor for guidance. Instructors will look favorably upon your paper if it has more than the required minimum of references.

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