The Dark Knight Writing essay-03

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Choose ONE ! of the following essays for your response:

1. “The Dark Knight and the Evilness of Evil” by Ashley Cocksworth

2. “The Exceptional Darkness of The Dark Knight” by Todd McGowan

3. “What do you believe in? Film scholarship and the cultural politics of the Dark Knight franchise” by Martin Fradley

Write a summary and response essay.

  1. The summary section of your essay (200-300 words) should clearly and objectively present the main ideas, as well as the important sub-points, of the essay you have chosen to write about. The summary should be written almost entirely in your words; only use particularly important quotations when they are necessary to your summary. The response section of your essay (400-600 words) should include an original idea as its main thesis. While the summary is objective, the response is subjective and presents your ideas on the subject. The response can take one of the following forms:
  2. (1) an explanation of your agreement or disagreement with the author’s claim (s)
    (If you choose to agree, you must go beyond simply saying you feel similarly by presenting new information or reasons that you feel the author’s position should be supported.)
  3. (2) an evaluation of the author’s presentation of his or her argument. Your response should present evidence from your own knowledge and experience to support your argument. You do not need to use additional sources in this essay.

Length: 700-900 words ( 2 1⁄2 – 4 pages)

Turning in your work: Along with your final essay, turn in the annotation and the outline you have made about the article you are responding to, and any process work you have done while writing this essay. Compile all components of the essay into one Word document, and upload to BeaconLearning (directions to follow).

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