the digital and the human article summary

Read “The Digital and the Human” in the week 10 module. For your assignment, take one referenced article from the “The Digital and the Human,” and write up a one to two page summary of it, including a mention as to how that article factored into “The Digital and the Human.” The goal of this is to have you all explore how digital anthropology works and some of the ways that it has previously been done.

To reiterate and clarify: Do not write a summary of “The Digital and the Human.” Write a summary of an article in its references section. In your summary, tell me how it contributed to the original article.

Make sure to include citations in Chicago Author-Date style (NOT notes and bibliography). For “The Digital and the Human” it looks like this:

Miller, Daniel and Heather A. Horst. 2012. “The Digital and the Human: A Prospectus for Digital Anthropology.” In Digital Anthropology, edited by Heather A. Horst and Daniel Miller, 3-35. London: Berg.

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