the essay must be paraphrased from the Norton Field Guide 4th edition only. and could be any of those 2 topics. it’s due at 8th Feb 1:00 AM. question is on description

Choose one of the following essays in The Norton Field Guide, 4th edition, and write (1) a summary of the essay and (2) a paraphrase of the same essay:

            1. “Our Fear of Immigrants” by Jeremy Adam Smith, pp. 750-58

            2. “Anti-Intellectualism:  “Why We Hate the Smart Kids” by Grant Penrod, pp. 759-63.

            Your summary will consist of one (1) paragraph of approximately eight, nine, or ten sentences.  On the other hand, your paraphrase will consist of multiple paragraphs and will be at least 1 ½ pages. 

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