The Fox and the Goat One day a fox was nosing around a well. By accident, his foot slipped on a wet stone and he fell in. The water wasn’t deep, but…

The Fox and the GoatOne day a fox was nosing around a well. By accident, his foot slipped ona wet stone and he fell in. The water wasn’t deep, but the well was. Though thefox tried and tried, he could not get out of the well.“What are you doing down there?” he heard someone ask.Upon looking up, the fox saw a goat peering at him. Quickly, the foxreplied, “Enjoying myself! They say there will be no rain for a long time, and allthe wells will go dry. I am drinking my fill, so I won’t die and be left for thevultures to feed on. Come on down—the water’s fine!”The foolish goat didn’t stop to think but jumped right down into the well.The fox, of course, wanted to use him to get out of the well. He leaped at onceon the goat’s back, set one foot on his horns, and jumped out of the well.As the fox left, he called out to the poor goat, “You’re a silly goat, myfriend. Otherwise, you would have looked before you leaped!”Moral: Think how you will get yourself out of a difficult spot before you getyourself into one.2The Goose That Laid the Golden EggsA farmer had a gray goose which gave him a big surprise one day. In her nest,he found a strange egg which was as yellow as gold and very heavy. At first, the farmerwas certain someone had played a trick on him. Then he realized that the egg was realgold.“Wife!” he chattered happily as soon as he got in the house. “See what our graygoose has laid—an egg of real gold!”The next day the farmer found another golden egg in the nest. And the next dayhe found another. It was wonderful! But by this time, the farmer had grown greedy formore and more wealth. “Why should I wait?” he thought. “If I cut the goose open, Ishall get all her golden eggs at once. I will have great wealth in a minute!”So, with great boldness, the farmer killed the goose, but found not a single egginside. And his good gray goose was dead.Moral: People who are greedy often throw away what they already have.The Old Lion and the FoxA lion grew so old that he could no longer hunt for his food. But old or not, hehad to eat, so he thought of a scheme to solve his problem. He would pretend he wassick. Then, when any animals came to visit, he would eat them up.The lion’s scheme worked out just as he had planned. He lay down near themouth of his cave and began to groan. One after another, the beasts came to ask himwhat the matter was. The lion invited them in, and that was the end of them.One day, the fox heard the lion groaning. He came up and sat down in thehollow of an old tree outside the lion’s cave. “Aren’t you feeling well?” he inquired.“I am very ill, my friend,” the lion replied. “It is so lonely lying here bymyself all day. Do come in and visit me for a little while.”“Well, I’d like to,” responded the fox. “But I see by the tracks that you’ve hadquite a lot of animals visiting you lately. I also see that the tracks go only one way.Until the animals that have gone into your cave come out again, I think I shall visitfriends elsewhere.”Moral: Be warned by what happens to others.3The Monkey and the CatA monkey and a cat were pets in the same house. They were good friends andwere always doing something naughty together. One day they were sitting in front of afire, watching some chestnuts roasting.“How nice it would be to have some chestnuts,” the monkey sighed. “You’re nocoward like me, Kitty. You are so brave. Pull some chestnuts out of the fire, and weshall have ourselves a fine treat.”Now the cat didn’t want to put her paw so close to the flames, but she wasflattered by what the monkey had said about her. So she crept carefully right up to thefire and, just as carefully, drew out a chestnut with her paw. Even though she burnedher paw each time she did this again and again. As fast as she pulled the chestnuts outof the fire, the monkey gobbled them up.At last, the cat could stand the pain no longer, and she sat down to lick her paw.Glaring at the monkey, she said, “Next time, I’ll know better. I’ll never pull chestnuts outof the fire for you again.”Moral: Watch out! The person who flatters you always wants to get something outof you.Based on your reading of these four fables, which animal is portrayed most favorably? A. Fox. B. Goat. C. Lion. D. Monkey. Please give me the correct answer to this question.

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