the immortal life of henrietta lacks reflection paper

You will write a personal reflection paper about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Reflection papers should be in first person voice (e.g. I felt, I thought, it reminded me, etc.) and should loosely answer some or allof the following questions, not necessarily in order. Please do not give a plot summary BUT provide enough details/examples from the book to demonstrate that you read it.

  • What was the author’s main objective for writing this book?
  • Why do you think it has been assigned for this public health course?
  • What emotions did you feel personally about what you read?
  • What information did you learn or find most interesting? Least interesting?
  • What information did you find surprising? Why?
  • How does this book relate to other books you have read/movies you have seen/ things you have learned, etc.?
  • After reading the book, in what way has your view of the world changed, if at all?

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