The Joint Commission Essay.

The Joint Commission Essay.


The Joint Commission is responsible for ensuring that healthcare delivered to patients is safe and high quality. The intent of the Joint Commission is to ensure that hospitals provide the highest quality care to patients. It also advocates for the improvement of hospital processes involved in giving care to patient s. It offers accreditation to hospitals which provide the highest quality of patient care. It also accredits surgery centers, nursing homes, medical staffing firms and disease specific centers. Care centers that meet the required patient safety standards and quality service delivery receive the gold seal of approval from the Joint commission. This gold seal is nationally recognized in quality health care provision.The Joint Commission Essay.


The process of performance improvement by the joint commission involves improving patient safety goals. It recommends policies that should be implemented in hospital to reduce the rate of infections in hospitals. It also helps to improve communication among care givers. It also provides solutions to care givers that help in preventing medical errors. This ensures accurate identification of patients in hospitals. The joint commission also advocates for accurate administration of drugs in hospitals as well as emergency preparedness.
The joint commission has been very effective since it has been involved in consumer awareness programs. It ensures that consumers receive information on the best care centers available. It offers information on where patients can receive the best services for pregnancy, heart-care, pneumonia, asthma, diabetes among other diseases. It is also involved in the consumer feedback exercise. It receives complaints and feedback from customers who have visited a certain health center. This helps to improve its mandate to ensure that patients are receiving quality health care.The Joint Commission Essay.

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