the journal

The journal activity in this course is private between students and the instructor. The journal entry will serve as a personal reflection on your knowledge and experience relating to the content covered in the course. Prompt: Think about how the healthcare industry is impacted by economic factors as heavily as any other industry. Now that your project is complete, reflect on the relationships between economics, legislative changes, and policies and how these relationships are important to the overall delivery of healthcare systems. What steps can you take to become active in shaping economic legislation or policies that impact the healthcare industry? Consider how economics will inform the decision making in your current or future position. In the second part of this journal entry, compare what you thought you knew about the economics of healthcare with what you learned in the course and identify the significance (what it means to you professionally and/or personally). You might also identify what more you want to learn in relation to the economics of healthcare. Guidelines for Submission: When writing this journal, use APA formatting for all references and in-text citations. Your journal entry should be 3–4 paragraphs in length. 

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