the report of team and personal reflection for business class

This is report of the business class. Students are required to play the game Goverture in class to simulate running a company, and then write a report based on the simulation.The whole report have two parts. You only need to write the second part —team and personal reflection about 1000 words (include 100 words reference). The writing guide is one of the documents. Please read the guide carefully. In the second part, you will choose two of the four questions to write (on page 10 of the guide). You can choose questions 1, 3, and 4. And please be sure to meet the requirements on page 9 of the guide. The specific background introduction, team and personal experience are in the following documents, please complete the report based on this information after reading. In this report, please be sure to use the 3 references I provided. You have to use 2-3 other references. You also need to read the ppt about this part of the course and use it in writing. Both references and ppt are in the following file. This isMaster-level writing, with a strong focus on Critical thinking. I also uploaded an example, please at least reach the level of the example. The scoring standard is also in the file, Please do your best to reach the highest score.

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