The Rover literature writing-02

I need support with this Literature question so I can learn better.

Write at least THREE paragraphs–5-7 sentences or more and use quotes to support your ideas–in which you talk about EACH of these prompts:

  • What repeating elements do you observe in reading The Rover? Choose something that seems to repeat and then write about how this repeating element creates meaning–comic or dramatic, romantic, etc.
  • Choose a theme from Lesson #3 that you see reflected in the play: the position of women in the play, or the different kinds of male figures, or the role of fathers/mothers in the play (or lack of them), or the way you might imagine the staging of this play would differ depending upon the theater, etc.
  • Reflect on the effect you think the addition of female actresses playing the women characters would have had on the audience (from Lesson #3); this might also lead you to think about the masquerading itself, which is essential in this Mardis Gras-time play.

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