the weaponization of code research

I have a Research Assignment and I choose to write about The Weaponization of Code.

The Weaponization of Code

Addressed to: John Streufert (Current director of National Cyber Security Division US)

Proposal: Need for the establishment of legal and diplomatic structure to govern the use of computer code.

The weaponization of code is the most significant development in human warfare since the weaponization of fissile material. Alec Ross has described this situation as quite worrisome in his book. Ross noted that it’s not easy for individuals to gain access to materials like plutonium and uranium to make a nuclear weapon, but code is readily available.

Computer Code and Artificial intelligence was meant to streamline processes, bring innovation to the workplace and improve the lives of people. To our dismay, data tracking, harvesting, and targeting has taken the strands of information we generate and is trying to tie them around us until we are smothered by governments and companies. Data mining structures and algorithms that were supposed to better humanity are now being used to undermine individual liberty and democratic society

During the last US Presidential election, data from millions of Facebook users was scrapped and then was used to target vulnerable and impressionable voters in an effort to elect Donald Trump. That led to utter chaos in the coming years for many Americans. This presents a strong need for the regulation of Computer code. While big corporations can protect themselves against weaponized computer code, it is us ordinary people that have little knowledge of the attack and strongly need protection from the NCSD. The NCSD needs to get more involved in providing cybersecurity protections to small businesses and local communities. From what we have learnt from Mr. Ross’s book and chapter 4 of our assigned reading, our country’s intellectual property and critical infrastructure are more exposed than other nations. We can be the biggest loser in cyberconflict. Without legal and diplomatic structures that can be used to govern the use of weaponized code, it is every country and company for itself, and that is how chaos and conflicts begin.

here are what you should answer ;


Part I (15 points)Directions: Using your research topic, complete the following:

1. Provide your company name and logo. (1 pt.)

2. Identify the topic that you have selected and explain why you are interested in this topic. (1 pt.)

3. Who (other than the primary audience) do you think would benefit from your proposal? (1 pt.)

4. Who is your primary reader? (1 pt.)

5. How do you plan to gather information (what research or investigative methods will you use) for your proposal? (1 pt.)

6. Use the information in your syllabus, the RFP, and page 433, to create a Gantt Chart that illustrates the tasks that you and your group will need to complete for this proposal (do not forget to place dates in your chart). (10 pts.)


Part II (20 points)

7. Plan a strategy for researching your proposal topic by answering the following: Audience

a) List the names of the primary and secondary readers of your document. (2 pts)

b) Why does the audience need this information? (1 pt)


c.) What is the purpose of your document? (1pt)

d.) Describe what you want your readers learn from your research? (1pt)

7. Create a reference page of sources for your topic in the *IEEE format that lists a preliminary bibliography that contains the following: ((( it is attached as a word file )))

• 1 a citation of The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross

• 2 periodical articles or database articles (journal articles are preferred)

• 3 reliable online sources (15 pts)


Part III (15 pts)

Prepare a survey or questionnaire to elicit an individual or group response(s) to your topic.

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