There are 2 essays one has ben don and the other i want you to do it for men.

The Final Portfolio

This term you’ve taken two essays, your personal narrative and evaluative essay, through the peer review and revision process. You’ve also created a draft of your final paper, the research essay.  For the final portfolio assignment, you will:

qRevise your personal narrative one more time based on instructor feedback.

qRevise your evaluative essay (review) one more time based on instructor feedback.

qFinish a draft of your research paper.

qCraft a two-page reflection essay (double spaced) discussing your revision choices.


qSave all your papers into one Word Document in the following order:

o   Reflection

o   Personal Narrative

o   Evaluative Essay (Review)

o   Research Paper

im going to upload an essay and i want you to revise it based on the professor’s comments which im going to attach as well. there is a research paper that i want you to do and 2 pages reflection paper about the revision choices.  

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