thesis 2

The assignment will require you to analyze a story, poem or play we have read and discussed in class. You will be asked to develop a thesis which asserts the controlling idea that is proved or supported in the body of your essay. Explore themes, symbolism, etc. in order to develop a thesis. You must support this thesis throughout your essay.

Substantial work between drafts must be evident. If you were given notes during a peer review, or from me, the effect of those notes on your writing should be apparent. Spell-checking and format changes are not enough to constitute a new draft.

Essays must be typed, double-spaced, edited, proofread, and in MLA format. They must be a minimum of FOUR FULL pages long.

i attached my draft to this homework. you can change my topic but i need a good thesis. the story i picked is called ” A pair of silk stockings by Kate Choping”

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