this homework


This homework is for my Islamic history class. So, What you need to do is to answer the questions that I’ll provide for you. To answer the question you need to look up the answer from the book I’ll give the question and the book name and I’ll tell you where you can find the answers for each question. For example ( The answer for that question will be found in chapter 3 from page 50 till 60).

What you need to do for me is:

I’ll give to you 6 questions . That’s mean you need to write 12 pages. you will answer each question by it self because every question is assignment that worth 100 point and it will be submitted by it self . So, you need to upload for me 6 assignments each one must be 2 pages not less than that. I’ll upload for you the questions and the papers that will help know what the professor wants in the paper.

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