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Spirituality in Health Care is very interesting. I find it fascinating on how researchers have found it to be a very important part of patients care. They have found people to live longer, have better coping skills, and recover sooner with spiritual commitment. My view on the analysis of disease and healing is this: unfortunately we all have a path to walk in life. Some is going to be easier than others. However, we all receive hurdles or bad news about health but to help us out in the sickness, we can tap into our spiritual self. Plus, it is better, as a nurse, to become more familiar with the patients spirituality to help guide them to healing. There are many times in which their personal beliefs will have an effect on decision making, such as Jehovah Witness not receiving blood transfusion. “In many patients’ lives, spiritual or religious beliefs may affect the decisions they make about their health and illness and the treatment choices they make. It is critical that we as physicians and health care providers listen to all aspects of our patients’ lives that can affect their decision making and their coping skills” (Puchalski, 2001). It is really important to provide holistic care to all individuals. Thus, making sure we connect with them on their spirituality in order to provide the best possible care and outcome for the patient in their healing process.

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