Topic and Main Themes from Selected Readings

Topic MultiGernations in the workforce.

submit a Word document to the assignment area that contains the following information:

  1. Your working topic or thesis statement (for more information, see Developing a Thesis Statement).
  2. Your three themes (the product of the fourth Capellapillar). These themes should apply to all or most of the three articles you selected to annotate.
  3. Your support or evidence for those themes. Be sure to note which pieces of support come from which articles. That way, you are creating a clear path back to where each piece of evidence originates.

Note: Your support evidence is likely best presented here as direct quotes. Later in your research and writing process, you can return to these quotes and make choices about when to summarize, quote or paraphrase, but for this assignment, quote directly from the sources for your evidence pieces.

In the articles provided for you by your specialization, you will note the reference lists at the end. Those reference lists contain the list of sources cited by the author. Mining those references for further information and research can increase the depth and breadth of information you find for your prospective topic. For assistance in planning, researching, and crafting your research topic for your literature review using citation mining methods, please use the Journal and Book Locator module.

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