transformation leadership questions

part 1:

    1. Explain the concept of transformational leadership. How did Burns interpret the concept? Distinguish between transactional and transformational leadership.
    2. Define/describe pseudotransformational leadership. Give two examples of leaders that fit this leadership style. Explain the difference between personalized leadership and socialized leadership.
    3. Identify and explain four of Bass’s factors associated with transformational leadership. Give examples from your own experiences or observations that illustrate the use of two of these factors.
    4. Explain Kouzes and Posner’s five practices that enable leaders to get extraordinary things accomplished.
    5. According to research, in what ways might Millennials not respond positively to the TL approach

    part 2:Interactive Activity: Transformational Leadership in Action Select a well-known contemporary leader or use one of the transformational leaders mentioned in this chapter (Gandhi, Ryan White, Terry Fox, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, or Nelson Mandela). And answer the questions below:

    • How does this leader use talk to transform a situation? Specifically, how does the leader engage with others through talk? Create a connection with others through talk? Raise the level of morality in a group through talk? Attend to the needs and motives of followers through talk? Help followers reach their fullest potential through talk?

    If you select a contemporary leader (and there are a number of them with what we’re dealing with now. Our governor, Mike Dewine is very interesting to me). You can also answer the questions above or your analysis could be a short (max 2 page, double-spaced) reaction paper on how that person is demonstrating transformational leadership. Your analysis should describe how the leader shows transformational leadership, providing specific examples and explaining the leader’s effectiveness. You should also discuss how transformational leadership theory provides a useful way to understand the leadership shown by this individual.Additional guidanceYou may need to skim biographies, look up speeches online, watch film clips, and the like to identify the communication behaviors that promote transformation if you use a leader from the book. You may also consider some of the powerful statements this leader is known for?

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