two comments

Comment 1

I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment you made “one of the most prominent kinds of subtle racism.”  I think that the media does not just come out and blatantley act racist but use techniques that create it.  When the public sees the degradation of a certain race over and over by the media this is exactly how our brains start to think about them.  We begin to stereotype them and tell others about what we saw.  The stories we tell people are told using the race of a person and not just them being people alone.  I totally agree that many minorities are just backup actors in movies and do not get the full credit.  If the minority does play a leading role in a movie I think that more times than not they are portrayed in a movie that uses their stereotypical racial background.  The news is a huge culprit in this problem.  Instead of portraying all of the stories that happen the ones with minortiies end up being the source of importance.  I agree that the media is attempting to equal the playing field and involve minorities more.  It is still a long battle to equality and there will always be tension.  In the end the media is always going to do what is absolutely necessary to get the most interesting story no matter who it hurts.

Comment 2

Good job responding to this week discussion question. People in this society look at every race different if you wear certain things you get stereo typed if teenage boys wore their paints off their butt they are in a gang. Maybe they don’t like to wear belts or cannot afford them because some of the kids come from home that parents do not care what they are doing from day to day. For example my son went out the house with no belt on I wonder if he would be included in the stereo type too. Did anyone assume that you was something you are not?

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