two parts using python

I don’t know how to handle this Python question and need guidance.

Use • •Download 3.x to download free software for python

Part 1.

Create an API Key for Google+ and get one of my programs working on your system to dump a bunch of web sites for some search term

Part 2 Choose a or b of the following
a) Download the twitter API keys and use one of my programs to download all of the tweets related to a keyword, hashtag, or screen name.
b) Use the API to do something completely different like: Given a screen name, list all of its followers or Find the trending topicsGiven a tweet, find all the times it has been retweeted Anything else, as long as it uses the API

See additional notes in week 1 pdfs
My usual rule that a complete answer is worth 9/10 is off for this project. Do the 2 items above and get 10/10

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