u s economic policies 1

Short Paper Two – 20 possible points – three-page paper. The second paper takes more time and effort to complete. Part I — Policies — 10 points. • Policies — monetary, fiscal and trade — provide parameters for the U.S., whose economic environment is impacted by global decisions.

• Discuss the U.S. economic policies you expect will be implemented, how they work and general influences on the U.S. economy (output, prices, interest rates) using concepts covered in class.

• Part II – Forecast of U.S. economic variables — 10 points. • The policies in Part I lead to numerical forecasts in Part II.

• Note: Macro Example Paper will be posted in Shared Documents. You submit this paper by going to Unit 11, Short Paper Two and uploading it to the Submission Folder.

• Please review the Short Paper Two Rubric at the end of the Syllabus for additional guidance.

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