Uber Case Report

I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Here is the textbook to use (download the middle file) https://ln2.sync.com/dl/f64090740/8djiytkr-6nydkgcc-4scda4y6-eu7e79xp?sync_id=2967132430009

Read case#17 at the end of the book about Uber. Select a concept from the book to discuss and relate to the Uber Case. Think in terms of frameworks – example: Competitive Advantage as a part of the Porter’s model. Name the framework you are using, and then delineate its parts. You CANNOT use the following concepts: Rivalry Among Established Companies, Innovation. Let me know the topic you chose BEFORE starting the paper!

Times-New Roman, double spaced 2 pages- they will not read past 2 pages and deduct-points if you go over! At least 3 sentences per paragraph. Writing more doesn’t equal quality and I want well-written sentences that get to the point.

You MUST follow the attached format.

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