UE Assignment: Engaging in Art: Are You Talking to Me?

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Students must attend or view one of the following: a live concert (either musical or dance), play, art museum, a significant piece of sculpture, and, in 400-800 words, respond to the following topics. (For students who cannot physically attend a live performance or tour an actual art museum they may discuss with their instructor about alternate arts encounters.) Your responses should use proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Any outside sources should be documented using MLA citation style.

• Purpose—Clearly identifies the three-fold purpose of this essay.

• Perspective—Investigates other point(s) of view and the writer’s own assumptions.

• Evidence—Supports purpose with relevant, sufficient evidence through investigative research.

• Analysis—Analyzes the consequences and implications of reasoning.

• Core Values—Addresses the core values of personal development, specifically, and demonstrates its relevance to this purpose.

• Decision Making—States the various options of decision making and chooses a solution.

Below is a attach file for guidelines.

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