Unit 7 Responses

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****There are two responses. Write a 100 word response for each response.

Response 1)

According to Salkind (2017), “A theory, such as a theory of motivation, or development, or learning, for example, helps us to organize this new information into a coherent body, a set of related ideas that explain events that have occurred in the past and predict events that may happen in the future” (p. 2). “A theoretical perspective is a set of assumptions about reality that inform the questions we ask and the kinds of answers we arrive at as a result” (Crossman, 2019). It can be understood as lens we see through and a frame that include and exclude certain things from our view. It is important in research because it organizes one’s thoughts and ideas in order to make them clear to others (Crossman, 2019). It is necessary because it puts things into perspective in order to create an appropriate question and hypothesis for the research paper. My theoretical perspective is our public school system is faced with many issues daily to include bullying and behavior problems. These issues are a result of improper disciplinary policies and procedures put in place by the administration. My research goal is to show where there is a need for better policies and procedures to be implemented for the growth and success of children. In my opinion, the administration can sometimes be out of touch with the needs of the children. They are so focus on what looks good on paper instead of what is best for the children. Their goal should be to make better decisions that will increase the education opportunities for children at all grade levels.


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Salkind, N. (2017) (8th ed.). Exploring Research. Uppers Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Response 2)

According to Kumar (2014), “A research proposal details your operational plan as to how you are going to find answers to your research questions. It outlines the various tasks you plan to undertake to fulfil your research objectives or obtain answers to your research questions” (p. 381). The proposal should test the hypothesis. It ensures and reassures the reader of the validity of the methodology for the answers to the research questions. It is an outline that reminds one of each step to complete and in what order. It is basically one’s guide during the research process. This is why it so important to be well-organized and the reason for the sections and subsections. It keeps one on track during the research process. It is judge by others for correctness, approval, and validity. The proposal should be well-organized, clear and concise so that anyone else can follow and complete a report. One is presenting the literature review in the proposal which is another reason for organization (Kumar, 2014). “The contents of your proposal are arranged under the following headings: preamble/introduction, the broad research problem or issue under study, objectives of the study, hypotheses to be tested, study design, setting, measurement procedures, sampling, analysis of data, structure of the report, and problems and limitations” (Kumar, 2014, p. 274). For example, the preamble introduces the main area of study starting with the broad literature review, ending with the problem one is investigating, and includes the theoretical framework. The problem section should include the details of the problem and research questions. The objectives of study section include the main objectives and subobjectives. Hypothesis section includes the tested hypothesis. The logistical procedures listed under the study design section. The setting includes the organization/community to complete the research. The measurement procedures sections include the procedure of information and explains the variables. Sampling section includes ethical issues. To sum it all up the research proposal tells one what they propose to do, their plan to proceed, and why they selected it (Kumar, 2014). The organization, accuracy, and sections in the proposal are needed for the structure of the research report because it helps make is successful.


Kumar, R. (2014) (4th ed.). Research Methodology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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