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Apple 2014 and The Global Smartphone Industry : SWA Short Written Assignment Typed, outline format, 2 pages max, complete Ch.4 Exhibit 4.7 – Summarize your conclusions in one page – Typed – You do not have type exhibit 4.7.

Using the Apple 2014 case and Ch. 4, Exhibit 4.7 (Forces and PESTEL Factors Driving Competition) Summarize your conclusions from Exhibit 4.7 – Length 2 pages (Completed exhibit 4.7 plus 1 page write,-up outline, bullets) Using the Apple 2014 case #1 ASTC and Ch. 4 Exhibit 4.7 (Forces and PESTEL Factors Driving Competition) fill in Exhibit 4.7 for Apple and of the Global Smartphone Industry. How might each competitive force (i.e., customer bargaining power, supplier power, other forces) of the global smartphone industry differ from the perspective of Apple versus other smartphone manufacturers?

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