use own word to answer three questions


1. Explain the relation between a process and a pattern.

2. Explain what spatial auto-correlation means.

3. Describe the three patterns commonly identified in
spatial autocorrelation tests.


Scenario: Your friend is entirely confused after looking at the Lab 5 background material on Sakai. He complains that this is not an epidemiology class, so why are we learning about diseases, anyway? Does cholera causes spatial autocorrelation? Are patterns and processes related to cause and effect?

Prompt: Answer these three questions:

1. What does it mean to say a process is related to a pattern?
2. In the case of the London cholera map, what is the process and what is the pattern?
3. What are the three kinds of spatial or geographical patterns revealed by tests for spatial auto-correlation?

You recall that Rogerson discusses spatial autocorrelation, but you think there is actually enough information in the Lab 5 Sakai folder to answer these questions.

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